Bible Quiz

When Jesus was on his way to heal a young girl, who touched his clothing, and why?

A. The girl’s father, to urge Jesus to hurry.

B. A boy; he was in awe of Jesus and just wanted to meet him.

C. Many people; they couldn’t help it because it was so crowded.

D. A woman in the crowd; she hoped that doing so would heal her.

(see answer in last column)

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Thought Of The Week

The book of Numbers contains endless instructions about the offerings Israel should make — gold and silver vessels, flour-and-oil mixtures, incense and sacrificial animals. Hidden in there are “six covered wagons and twelve oxen” (7:3, KJV) that the leaders offer to God.

Although many of the commanded offerings were impractical for daily living and likely easy to comply with — what use were silver bowls and incense while wandering the desert? — giving up wagons and oxen surely required more thought. They may not seem as holy as gifts of money, fancy utensils and expensive fabric, but they were indeed precious: They would transport the Tent of Meeting from place to place.

Likewise today, some people offer money, altar linens, bread and wine; others donate art supplies for Sunday school, casseroles for funeral luncheons, a computer for the church office. All gifts are useful. All are holy.

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Darrell Wilson

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Bible Quiz Answer

"D" (See Mark 5: 25-29)