Bible Quiz

Why did the Pharisees protest one day when Jesus’ disciples plucked and ate grain directly from the field?

A. Because a banquet was awaiting them; they didn’t want the disciples to spoil their appetites.

B. Because it wasn’t the disciples’ field; they had no right to the grain.

C. Because it was the Sabbath and such “work” was prohibited.

D. Because the grain wasn’t yet ripe.

(see answer in last column)

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Thought Of The Week

While teaching a group of First Communion students about the Lord’s Supper, a pastor gave each child one M&M’s candy at the beginning of class. “Eat it!” he invited, before proceeding to teach.

Near the end of the session, the pastor asked the students what they’d thought of the earlier treat. “Good!” said one. “I wanted more!” another admitted. “I wanted a whole bag!” chimed in a third.

“Now you understand another thing about Holy Communion,” the pastor said. He drew out of his supplies a full bag of M&M’s for each student. “Sometimes we call Communion ‘a foretaste of the feast to come.’” Indeed, he explained, God promises that one day we’ll feast together with Jesus in heaven, but until then, Communion is that delicious little taste of what the feast will be like. We’re left wanting more because we have “[tasted] and [seen] that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8).

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Jack Moss

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Bible Quiz Answer

"C" (See Matthew 12: 1-2)