Bible Quiz

Which of the following is an accurate father-child match from Scripture?

A. Saul and David

B. Zechariah and Joseph

C. Abram and Ishmael

D. David and Boaz

(see answer in last column)

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Thought Of The Week

Robert Coleman, in Written in Blood (Fleming H. Revell), tells of a boy whose sister needed a blood transfusion. The boy was the ideal donor because the two children had the same rare blood type. When the doctor asked, “Would you give your blood to your sister?” the boy hesitated.

Finally, with a trembling lip, he said, “Sure, I’d do it for her.” Soon a nurse inserted a needle into the boy’s arm. As he watched his blood flow out, his voice shook. He asked, “Doctor, when do I die?” The doctor then realized the gravity of the boy’s decision. He’d thought giving his blood to his sister meant giving up his own life.

The boy’s love for his sister mirrored Jesus’ love for all. Fortunately for us, Jesus loved us so deeply that he was willing to die so we might live.

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Bible Quiz Answer

"C" (See Genesis 16:15)